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PROPERTY LAW - negotiations, legal due diligence of real estate, tentative sale and construction agreements, deeds of sale, endowment, mortgage and land transfer, establishment of construction rights and usufructs. Land restitution, procedure representation and litigation defence on preliminary contracts abrogation and finalisation, notary deeds of construction rights

CONTRACTUAL LAW - preparation of letters of attorney and all types of contracts (loan agreements, tenancy agreements, contracts for joint actions, non-recourse loan agreements)

ADMINISTRATIVE LAW - pre-court and court assistance, defence and representation on administrative cases and lawsuits, as well as in relation to state, municipal and tax administration

COMMERCIAL AND COMPANY LAW - registration of legal entities and non-profit organisations, transformation of companies (mergers and acquisitions), dissolution and liquidation. All kinds of commercial transactions (construction agreements, investment agreements, sale agreements, delivery contracts, commission agreements, commercial representation, loan agreements, etc.)

SERVICING FOREIGN INVESTMENTS in the area of real estate, company buyouts and sales

COLLATERAL PROCEEDINGS - voluntary and awarded (pre-trial or during a pending litigation) - mortgages, pledges, registered pledges, foreclosures, distraints

PRE-COURT REPRESENTATION AND DEFENCE - negotiations to reach an out-of-court agreement and avoid litigation

LEGAL REPRESENTATION in real estate litigations, administrative litigations (appeal against deeds of the state, municipal and tax administration), commercial litigations, civil trials, contractual proceedings, divorce proceedings, etc. before courts and tribunals

FULL RANGE OF ADMINISTRATIVE LEGAL SERVICES for Bulgarian and foreign legal entities and companies

INTERNATIONAL LAW - advisory and representation in legal cases based on Bulgarian and German legislation, international contracts, acquis communautaire

CONSULTING SERVICES for certification of a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2000 by a licensed Quality Systems Manager and Internal Auditor